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Sweet Cream



We just love sweet cream!

Our company is rooted in catering and pop up shop style events. It gives us the ability to personalize each event with a specialized touch. Join us as we bring to you our "Sweet Cream Experience".


It's what's on the inside that counts

“ A’Jar Sweet Cream Factory” was founded after putting my passion on hold for many years to work. It is now time for me to embark on my journey in what I love to do…and that’s bake!  As a giver to so many people in my life and helping others reach their goals, I decided to embark on this journey of embracing my passion for baking.  I’ve baked for my family and now it’s time for me to bake for you!  Food was always home for me because that is my special place to bake, cook and dream.  Passion combined with determination and the love for family motivated a legacy.


Something to call your own and share with the people you love is the goal.

A mother’s love and passion for desserts is what led to our little factory, “A’Jar Sweet Cream Factory”, desserts in a jar.  We present to you family recipes which have been made for many years for our family gatherings.  Our company, “A’Jar Sweet Cream Factory” was established in 2016.  We devoted our time and energy into creating our Sweet Cream desserts into a multitude of delicious flavors to choose from in our unique jars.  We invite you to join us on our journey.  We just want to share something that is home to us, with you.  Our Sweet Cream desserts are paired with wonderful family memories.  We welcome you to our home and ask you to begin your own memories with us!

The heart of our business is Carolyn, Aunt Pat, Alex, Jazlyn and Alexis whom work effortlessly to bring our delicious flavors to the forefront. We try to mesh flavors of our desserts together in a way where sweet and sour are interwoven in the fabric of sweet treats and how it brings us together in our home, life, work and friends!  The desserts we create reminds us of the flavors that moves us each and every day.  We are what we taste and we want to be one of the new flavors for you and your family to enjoy for years to come, A’Jar Sweet Cream Factory!!!

Sincerely from my family to yours!!!

Carolyn Ballard, President & Founder

A’Jar a Sweet Cream Factory

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